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We love our time together on Sunday mornings, but that is not the only time we get together and worship, connect, and serve. As followers of Jesus we understand that we are to live out our faith and grow in Christ together. 

House in blue
Discipleship Night

Monday evenings at 7pm, we gather as a church at Pastor Kyle's home for fellowship and discipleship. The men and women gather in different parts of the home and answer the question," how is it with your soul.?" In other words we share how our walk with God is going and offer advice to each other.  

Bible Study

Tuesday's at 10 is our Bible study. We gather and study God's word and see how we can apply it to our daily lives. We meet in the church basement. 

Bible Lessons
A Fancy Feast
Agape Meal

The third Thursday of the month at 6pm is our Agape Meal, or Love Feast. We come together as a church family at a local restaurant or home and break bread together, pray, share testimony, and have great conversation. 

Community Dinner

The Third Wednesday of the month from 5-6pm we serve a meal for the whole community to enjoy. We gather as a church family and share a meal with people from our community and beyond

Soup Kitchen
Image by Emily Morter
After church Apologetics class

After service from 11-12pm we gather to discuss some of the big questions about our faith. Some examples are: How do we know that the Bible is God's word? What proof exists for the resurrection? What does the Bible say about...?

The Lord's Pantry 

Our church supports the local food pantry and our pastor serves on the board of directors for it as well. If you are looking for a chance to volunteer in the community contact the food pantry and get in touch.

Heart & Hands

The fourth Wednesday of the month from 7-8:30 we have a mental health support group that meets in the fellowship area of the church. The group is called Compass. Compass is designed as a place to share successes and struggles with each other in a supportive environment.


Each week during the school year our church hosts 150 1-6th grade students from the Columbus Grove School system to learn the Gospel message. They learn Bible based character education during the school day. Pastor Kyle Thain teaches grades 1-4 each week.

Children Reading the Holy Bible
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